The Katherine Swynford Society



The Katherine Swynford Society is an organisation which studies the life and times of Katherine Swynford (The Duchess of Lancaster), her husband John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster), their family and descendants, contemporaries, and the Plantagenet period.  We are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers.

Information we receive, whether from members, or casual enquirers, is stored on the personal computers of the Hon. Secretary Dianne Coe, the Treasurer Karyn Agrali and the Chairman Roger Joy which have anti-virus software, but are not encrypted.

Should you not like the system we have for holding your information, then please contact the Hon. Secretary for it to be removed from our files.  This would of course mean that in future we would be unable to send you copies of “The Katherine Wheel” and the “Nicole Natterer” or any other publications, or  contact you regarding membership and any prospective events.

We are a society of volunteers who collaborate to further the study of the life and times of Katherine Swynford and her ancestors, contemporaries and descendants. In pursuit of these aims the Society publishes a journal - The Katherine Wheel - and newsletter. We sometimes organise indoor lectures in the winter and outdoor visits in the summer which all are welcome to attend.

Over the past nine years the Society has published over nineteen issues of The Katherine Wheel. The Society encourages research projects whose purpose is to investigate locations and persons associated with Katherine, her family and wider circle. These projects may be carried out by society members or students and papers giving the results of such projects may be submitted for publication in the Journal. There are two times in a young person's life when it would be helpful to be able to refer to a paper which he or she has published. This would demonstrate commitment to and knowledge of a particular academic discipline. This can be when applying for and attending an interview for a place in university or a job at the end of their years of formal education. We are running a Biographical Article Competition and a Short Story Competition and invite entries from those with an interest in the late Medieval period. For information on how to enter, please go to our Competitions page. Not only is this an ideal opportunity to get an article published, you could win £75. We also welcome articles by anyone with an interest in this period, not just professional, academic and scholarly work. We have added a new competition for young people aged between 14-18. Have a look on our Competitions page for details.

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